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Sample meditations and other gems from the book

On this page I share excerpts from the book and three of the Yoga Mind Tools meditations described in An Inside Look at Meditation: Experiences for healing, support. and transformation.

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One-time and long-time meditations are different

One-time and long-time meditations involve the same underlying process of meditation. The distinction is not about how long the meditation lasts while you are meditating. The distinction is how often you do the meditation.

One-time meditations

One-time meditations are designed to be done once or a few times. They can be part of a group class, guided by a teacher. The teacher chooses the object and designs the meditation experience.

Long-time meditations

Long-time meditations are usually part of a daily personal practice. You focus on the same meditation object every day for weeks, months, or longer. In my tradition of yoga you work with a mentor or teacher or yoga therapist who selects an appropriate meditation object for you and supports your experiences over time.

one-time and long-time meditation comparisons
elements of viniyoga

Yoga is a meditation tradition

Viniyoga meditations engage tools of yoga. They can involve an astonishing variety of meditation objects.

Meditations are designed for specific individuals or groups to address particular goals related to healing, support, insight, personal transformation, coping with challenges, and other objectives. Here too the possibilities are boundless.

Viniyoga meditations are designed experiences

Viniyoga meditations can be designed for meditation novices or experts.

I try to learn as much as I can about my users. When I was working on meditations for family members of hospice patients, I researched grief to help me understand the experience and process of grieving. I read articles and books, talked to experts, and talked to people who were experiencing grief.

I consider the context—when and where will participants be meditating? Will they be gathered together in person or online? Will they be at home or in their office, in a park or at a yoga studio? 

yoga, the human system, the user or group, context, and goals contribute to meditation design
wrapped present

What shows up in meditation is like a gift

The form of yoga meditation I work with values meditations that are open. There should be room in the introduction of the meditation object for what shows up to come from you.

I believe that when your mind is settled and you invite something to show up in meditation, what shows up comes from a larger, deeper part of you than the part of your mind that talks to yourself.

You listen. You wait. You allow. In my yoga community, we refer to allowing as “not driving the bus”.

In some way what shows up for you shows up for a reason. Your human system supplies it. A connection to self is happening.

Something is offered—the general instruction in the meditation. And something is given—your experience.

Here are three 10-minute meditations to try

These meditations are suitable for beginners but also offer experienced meditators a juicy exploration.

The short duration allows busy people and newbies to taste meditation. My preferred duration for meditations I teach is about 25 minutes. Each step lasts longer and there is time for more steps and progression. But 10 minutes offers a reasonable sample.

You want to be seated comfortably in a chair with room to move your arms up from the front and out to the sides.

I guide attention, gentle movements, and breath steps.

If any instruction does not feel comfortable, don't do it.

These meditations have been done by many people and are generally safe. Since I do not know you or your circumstance, I offer no assurances and assume no responsibility for outcomes of the practices.

Water Reflecting Meditation

You'll find a short description of this 10-minute Water Reflecting Meditation on page 273 of the book.

What you spend your time doing affects you, for better and for worse. How you spend your time matters.

This meditation supports exploration of this idea in your own life.

Notice how your human system (your mind, body, and emotions) responds to the metaphor of water reflecting.

Therapy Dog Meditation

You'll find a short description of this 10-minute Therapy Dog Meditation on page 99 of the book.

I designed it to help university students ease their stress during final exam week.

You want to be seated comfortably in a chair with room to move your arms up from the front. I will guide you through movement, breathing, and visualization steps.

If any instruction does not feel comfortable, don't do it.

Start the video and then close your eyes.

Authentic Selfies Meditation

You'll find a short description of this 10-minute Authentic Selfies Meditation on page 173 of the book.

I designed this meditation to help people explore how they feel when they are being their most authentic self.

I play off the idea of taking "selfies" but instead we take "authentic selfies".

Remember to just allow experiences to show up during the meditation. Don't preplan. Don't try to control what shows up.

Just observe.

These beginning, one-time experiences offer a tiny taste of what is possible in meditation.

There is so much to explore and learn. A lifetime journey of learning and transformation awaits you.