yoga, stories, and science reveal the wonders of meditation

Sharing the wonder and possibilities of meditation

This digital version of An Inside Look at Meditation is free for personal use.

I designed this to be a colorful, engaging paperback book. If you like what you see in the digital version and want a richer experience, purchase paperback  from Amazon.

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Most pages of An Inside Look at Meditation are self-contained—each conveys a complete idea illustrated by an example, story, or graphic. The sequence of pages forms a narrative.

Author and game designer Carrie Heeter collaborated with book designer Darcy Drew Greene to evolve the visual style and navigation elements through constant iteration.

Are you an organization interested in sharing the digital book with your membership?

If you are an organization interested in sharing free electronic copies of my book with your students, members, or the public, let's talk. I want my book to raise awareness, appreciation, and interest in the amazing possibilities of meditation.

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